Repeater Summary Details for 2E0SGG

Repeater Keeper/NoV holder:  STEVE MALLOWS [2E0SGG]

Band: 70CM  (DVU44)   Output frequency: 439.5500 MHz  RX Frequency: 430.5500 MHz

This repeater is licensed for the proprietary Yaesu FUSION DV Mode.
This repeater is licensed for D-STAR.

ETCC Region: South-East

Locator: JO01GJ   Near: GILLINGHAM
TX antenna height above ground level: 10 Metres
ERP: 7 dBW
Latitude/Longitude: 51.39 / 0.56

Website link (external site):
Database Entry: 22-Mar-2024
Date of NoV Issue: 22 Mar 2024 
Review Date: 21 Mar 2027 

Meshtastic London !

It seems that Meshtastic is really taking off in South East London with a cluster of nodes appearing between Greenwich and Croydon.

It’s caught the attention of G1HIG and 2E0ULA along with quite a few others in the area as you can see from the screenshot !

Meshtastic® is a project that enables you to use inexpensive LoRa radios as a long range off-grid communication platform in areas without existing or reliable communications infrastructure. This project is 100% community driven and open source!

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