This site is dedicated to helping D-STAR users world wide. From basic information about D-STAR to detailed technical information. This site will hopefully provide the info to solve any of your DStar problems !  
This registration is required to allow you to route across the D-STAR network, if you do not register you will get no further than you local repeater.
D-Star Calculator
DMR Register Register here to access and use the DMR network.
DMR Codeplug Editor For Linux
This program is similar in purpose to the TYT MD380 CPS program. It provides several features that the CPS program lacks.
This codeplug editor supports the TYT MD-380, MD-390, MD-2017, MD-UV380, MD-UV390, and MD-2017, the Alinco DJ-MD40, the Retevis RT3, RT3-G, RT3S, and RT82 radios.
PiStar All your PiStar resources and information covering both DMR and DStar in one convenient place, don’t forget to bookmark it !
Open DMR Network operates PHOENIX, the largest amateur radio DMR network in the UK and DMR-DL, a large network in Germany. Additionally they provide robust, stable, high availability infrastructure and world wide talkgroup services to repeater keepers across Europe.
Brandmeister Network More worldwide DMR than you could shake a 5/8 wave aerial at !

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