Amateur radio equipment for sale or trade

Admin Note

Recently there has been a vast increase in the number of people trying to post items not allowed in this group (CB’s, Scanners, Pirate Radio links, Golf Clubs, Camera tripods, Ornaments, Golf Trolleys, Cars, Lawn mowers and Computers amongst many other items). There has also been an increase of people posting links to websites or Facebook pages/groups and others trying to multi-post items by deleting old posts.

I suggest to anybody posting items or replies to a post in the group, ensure that it conforms to the Group Rules as those who break these “simple” rules will not get a warning, they will not get muted, they will be removed and blocked!! No if’s or but’s. No questions or right to reply – blocked! Ensure you are not one of them.

Within the first week 27 people were removed from this group. Don’t add to that number. Follow the simple group rules!!

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